Firefly Miniglow Glowring

Clear Nite GlowRing

Utilising the familiar shape of the tinted Nite GlowRings, we now offer GlowRings with clear enclosures. Identical in fit, form and function, the trigalight® light source inside the unit is clearly visible through the clear material.

There are nine visible colour options, making these clear units bright and attractive while retaining the tough, durable and easy to use characteristics of the original tinted GlowRing safety markers.

1 GlowRing: £13.99 2 GlowRings: £13.49 each
3 GlowRings: £12.99 each 4 GlowRings: £12.49 each
5 GlowRings: £11.99 each 6 or more: £11.49 each


Dimensions: 48 x 10mm

Weight: 6g