Firefly Alarmclock

Firefly T25 HiLux Alarm Clock

No pressing buttons or fumbling for switches in the middle of the night. Just a glance will enable you to tell the time … and give you a clear view of how long until the alarm will go off! The red ‘12’ lamp confirms the clock is upright, the illuminated second hand lets you know that the clock has not stopped. So you can relax and concentrate on sleeping! This compact alarm clock will prove to be a useful and reliable travelling companion.

  • Fifteen reliable trigalight® GTLS self-luminous light sources
  • GTLS Illuminated dial, hour/minute/second/alarm photoluminescent hands
  • Continuous illumination for ten-plus years
  • Prestigious ‘Rhythm’ quartz movement
  • Soft, step rotating movement
  • Stylish, aluminium case with Gun-Metal and Red options
  • Compact and very easy to use
Price: £89.00 each


The T25 HiLux case is machined from a solid aluminium block, providing an attractive yet robust black enclosure.

Length: 58mm, Height: 58mm, Depth: 24mm. Weight (including battery): 120g

Battery (required for movement and alarm only): 1 Button LR44 (1.5vdc)

Battery Life: 1 year (based upon 30secs alarm per day)

Battery included, supplied isolated. The HiLux is self-starting after battery connection.

Alarm: Increasing ‘beep’ and auto stop (300secs) system.

Temperature Range: -10ºC to +50 ºC