Firefly Miniglow Glowring

Firefly MiniGlow

These eye-catching self-luminous markers incorporate all the useful features of Miniglows, but designed in a compact and attractive form.

There are three choices of finish … smooth, groove and dimple … each with nine visible trigalight® colour options. The high quality chrome fittings delver considerable strength and durability and ensure that these MiniGlow markers will provide the user with many years reliable service.

1 MiniGlow: £6.99 2 MiniGlows: £6.69 each
3 MiniGlows: £6.39 each 4 MiniGlows: £6.19 each
5 MiniGlows: £6.09 each 6 or more: £5.99 each


Dimensions: 18 x 9mm

Weight: 3g