Firefly TwinGlow

TwinGlow Markers utilise the largest available trigalight® light sources to provide the user with the maximum possible viewing distance of up to 50m. Designed to look good as well as being functional, TwinGlow Markers are available with either ‘smooth’ or ‘dimple’ stainless steel cap finish styles. Please note all TwinGlow Markers are finished in polished stainless steal.

By selecting two colours for his marker, the user is able to secure increased functional differentiation in asset or location identification. Any two (identical or different) of the following colours may be selected: green/yellow/orange/red/UV-blue/white/purple/pink/ice-blue. Construction of TwinGlow Markers provides the user with a substantial degree of impact-resistance and durability.

1 TwinGlow: £22.00 2 TwinGlows: £21.50 each
3 TwinGlows: £21.00 each 4 TwinGlows: £20.50 each
5 or more: £19.99 each


Dimensions: diameter 13.5mm, length 42.0mm

Split-Ring: diameter 25.0mm

Weight: 13g