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Vega Light-Pull

A Vega Light-Pull is simply a combination of elegance and practicality, aimed at enhancing safety in the home. An attractive crystal enclosure is equipped with a trigalight® gaseous tritium light source, making it visible in darkness. A high quality stainless steel top-piece enables a cord or chain to be installed easily and quickly.

Each Vega can be fitted with one of a choice of nine colours... green, yellow, orange, red, UV-blue, white, purple, pink or ice-blue. Trigalight colour is selected during the purchase process and the unit is then assembled to order.

There is also a choice of styling of the top-piece... you may choose a "bell", "cone" or "dome" shape for your Vega. Each is a solid, polished assembly comprising a base and a cap. Removing the cap enables the cord to be released / attached and is a very quick and easy process. A connecting chain (with anchors) is included with each Vega.

1 Light-Pull: £29.49 2 Light-Pulls: £28.49 each
3 or more: £27.49 each


Encloser: Solid, Clear Crystal

Fixing Cap: Stainless Steel (Polished)

Sphere Diameter: 35.0mm

Overall Height (Including Cap): 50.0mm

Weight: 90g